Who Are Sex Surrogates and What do They do?

Sex surrogates are also known as sex therapists or sex surrogate partners. Many people still might not know about them. Sex surrogates have a lot to do with sexual healing of patients.

There are many people who require sexual healing because of their past psychological or physical changes that might have come upon them. Due to these various reasons, sex therapy is required. The therapy makes these patients more adept to the situations having sexual connotations.

It doesn’t come naturally to everybody to be at ease with themselves, their body or their partners during sex. As said before, it could be because of numerous reasons. Whatever the reasons, these sex therapists or sex surrogates helps the patients to move beyond those blocking reasons.

Many people confuse or label these sex surrogates as nothing but prostitutes, call girls or strippers. It is because many times the therapeutic sessions also involve the sex surrogates to participate in sexual activity or sexual intercourse with their clients. And of course they charge money for the sessions. However the sex surrogates have received proper therapeutical training and they work in collaboration with psychologists and psychotherapists.

Often during the therapeutic sessions a psychologist or another sex surrogate is present in the room. Sometimes it involves both the sexual partners to be in the same room and therapy is performed as a couple therapy. Having said that it doesn’t always mean that sexual intercourse will be needed to complete a therapy. Other physical techniques could also be used to make it an effective therapy.

Among this mass confusion which surrounds the profession of sex surrogates, it takes a lot of self-courage to approach one of these workers. However the level of therapy the patient wants can also be decided by him. He can even opt for telephonic sessions or sessions through videos, or he could even go for online sessions. The whole idea is that one should feel comfortable with the whole sex thing.

The sex surrogates too have been attacked by many labels which is why they are not advertised openly. They sometimes work with the psychologists or psychotherapists in their office or practice in their own private place. These sex surrogates, in fact, consider themselves to be like sexual priestesses—deeming their work positive and sacred. They consider their work to provide a lot of mutual and self-respect in the patients.

So in short we learned that the sex surrogates act as sex partners to their clients or patients. These patients could be both men and women and could be belonging to any age group. The clients require these sex surrogates to help them recover from feelings of or actual disability which does not help them perform adequately to achieve sexual pleasures.

The sex therapies could also be approached to revive missing or lost sex life within happy couples who want to work out the only aspect which is keeping them from becoming a completely happy and healthy couple.



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